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Ekonomija / Economics, a journal for economic theory and economic policies was founded in 1994. with the main purpose to provide an alternative venue for economic researchers who were critical of the existing economic order. The founder and Editor in chief of the magazine is Guste Santini. At the time Croatian economy was undergoing a tremendous turmoil and questioning the prevailing paradigm was restrained. EKONOMIJA / ECONOMICS wanted to be a voice for researchers providing alternative views.

Over time it became apparent the problem of restrained research and research focused on support for the majority opinion was not just a peculiarity of economic research in Croatia, but also in the whole region. Soon after its founding EKONOMIJA / ECONOMICS started to receive submission from a large number of economists in the region,this lead to the expansion of the editorial board and increase in the overall reach of the journal.

Over the last 10 years EKONOMIJA / ECONOMICS has evolved into a leading journal for research in economics of transition.