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All papers should be in Croatian, Serbian or English language. In case the article is submitted in another language it can be considered for review process if the editors find an appropriate reviewer.

First page of the paper should contain: title, abstract, at least three keywords, at least three JEL classification codes ( names of authors and professional affiliations of the authors.

Also a corresponding author should be clearly noted.

Papers should be written in Microsoft Word .docx or .doc format, in Times New Roman, font size 12, line spacing 1.5. The margins should be 2,5 cm.

EKONOMIJA / ECONOMICS does not place restrictions on the size of the papers, but authors should limit their papers to 35 pages of text (tables , graphs, references included) given the above formatting specifications.

For the simplicity of publication tables should be formatted as text, not as pictures. During the process of publication it is possible for the editors to request the original data in order to create graphs and tables in the final print version of the journal.

Tables and graphs should be a part of the document and not in a separate document. All tables and graphs should be put within the text. Complex model simulation can be put at the end of the paper. If graphs and figures are placed at the end of the paper, they should be placed after bibliography. When explaining a certain table and/or graph from the paper, the number of the table and/or graph must be indicated, e.g. “In table 1 we can see that”. Words like “above” or ”bellow” should be avoided.

Referencing style

The list of references, cited alphabetically by author surname, is placed at the end of the paper. The references should be cited according to the Harvard Style of Referencing, available at:

References should be cited according to the template, e.g.:

Book with one author
Sargent, T. (1999) The Conquest of American Inflation Princeton University Press 148 pages

Book with two authors
Perišin I, Šokman A. (1988) Monetarno kreditna politika, Informator 8th edition. Zagreb, pages 338

Book with three or more authors
Lucas, R., Stokey, N. and Prescott, E. (1989) Recursive Methods in Economic Dynamics Cambridge, Mass. Harvard University Press. 608 pages

Book by same author in the same year

Reis, R.  (2006a) Inattentive consumers Journal of Monetary Economics, vol. 53, issue 8, pages 1761-1800
Reis, R. (2006b) Inattentive Producers Review of Economic Studies, vol. 73, issue 3, pages 793-821,

Book with an editor
Hansen, L. P., Sargent, T. (2011) Wanting Robustness in Macroeconomics Handbook of Monetary Economics, Vol. 3B Benjamin M. Friedman, and Michael Woodford, editors, North-Holland, pages 1097-1157.

Books with an anonymous or unknown author
Croatian central bank bulleting (2012), issue 186, Croatian central bank, Zagreb, Croatia

Journal article
Barro, R. (1974). Are Government Bonds Net Wealth? Journal of Political Economy vol 82, issue 6, pages 1095-1117

Government publications
Department for Education and Employment (DfEE), (2001) Skills for life: The national strategy for improving adult literacy and numeracy skills, Nottingham: DfEE Publications.

Conference papers
Blinder A., Reise, R. (2005) Understanding the Greenspan Standard, in Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, The Greenspan Era: Lessons for the Future, Proceedings of the 2005 Jackson Hole Symposium, pp., 11-96

Electronic sources
Industrijska strategija Republike Hrvatske 2014. – 2020. (2013)
Ministarstvo gospodarstva Republike Hrvatske 334 stranice Industrijska_ strategija.docx

Legal acts
Credit Institutions Act (2013) Narodne novine issue 159