Naslovnica Ekonomija/Economics Ethical statement

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Srijeda, 23 Prosinac 2015 10:59

EKONOMIJA / ECONOMICS hasa double blind review process. Reviews are done either by editors, members of the editorial board or international reviews depending on the language of the papers. The process of review is done in a timely manner (under 2 months) and observes highest ethical and professional standards for each submission. Every paper will be reviewed. EKONOMIJA / ECONOMICS believes in the review process and there are no desk rejects.

Authors, editors and reviews should inform Editor in chief if there is a conflict of interest. Once the paper has been submitted it is understood the paper is original work of the authors and does not infringe on any intellectual properties.

Plagiarism of infringement of copyright or any intellectual properties is not allowed. In case of plagiarism author's employer will be informed and public announcement on the EKONOMIJA / ECONOMICS website will be made with a clear proof of plagiarism. REPEC will also be informed.